JZC500 Mobile Concrete Mixer

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JZC500 mobile concrete mixer

JZC500 mobile concrete mixer is a kind of self-falling and reversal discharging mixing machine. This mixer drum is driven by gear ring. In working style, clockwise rotating for concrete mixing, and anti-clockwise rotating for concrete discharging.

JZC500 mobile concrete mixer can mix plastic and semi-rigid concrete. It is suitable for general construction site, road, bridge and hydro-power project, especially for urban residents living area construction.

JZC500 mobile concrete mixer has the advantages of simple structure, high mixing quality, high productivity, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life of wearing parts. It is easy to operate and maintain. It can be moved easily with the help of a trailer or a truck.

JZC500 mobile concrete mixer is composed of feeding system, mixing system, water supply system, discharge mechanism, rack, electrical control system and other parts. The feeding system consists of a hopper, a feeding device, a feed hopper and a bracket. The mixing system is made up of a mixing drum, a supporting wheel and a transmission system. The water supply system includes a water pump, a throttle valve, a cleaning device and a water tank. The discharge mechanism is composed of a discharge hopper, an air cylinder or a hydraulic cylinder and a discharge chute.

JZC500 mobile concrete mixer can be used as a single machine or as a host for a concrete batching plant. It can also be used to mix dry-hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. It can be widely applied to various kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated components factories and industrial and civil construction projects.


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