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QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine is a high-performance automatic brick making machine that can produce various types of concrete blocks, pavers, curbs and other products. It is designed with advanced hydraulic system, PLC control system, vibration system and feeding system, which ensure the high quality and efficiency of the final products.

In this blog post, I will introduce some features and advantages of QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine, and show you how to operate and maintain it properly.

Features and advantages of QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine:

– It has a large production capacity, which can reach 17280-23040 pieces per 8 hours for standard bricks (240*115*53mm), and 92160-115200 pieces per 8 hours for hollow blocks (390*190*190mm).
– It can produce various types of blocks with different molds, such as solid bricks, hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, pavers, curbs, etc. The molds are made of high-quality steel and have a long service life.
– It adopts a hydraulic system that can provide strong and stable pressure for the molding process. The hydraulic components are imported from famous brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, etc., which ensure the reliability and durability of the machine.
– It uses a PLC control system that can realize automatic operation, fault diagnosis, remote control and data storage. The PLC system is equipped with a touch screen and a keyboard, which are easy to operate and monitor.
– It employs a vibration system that can generate strong and uniform vibration force for the compaction of the materials. The vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted according to different materials and products. The vibration system also has a synchronization function that can ensure the consistency of the products.
– It has a feeding system that can distribute the materials evenly and quickly to the mold box. The feeding system consists of a hopper, a belt conveyor, a material distributor and a pallet feeder. The feeding system can also be equipped with a color feeding device to produce colorful products.

How to operate and maintain QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine:

– Before starting the machine, check the oil level, oil temperature, oil pressure and oil quality of the hydraulic system. Make sure they are within the normal range. Also check the electrical components, wires and connectors for any damage or loose connection.
– After starting the machine, adjust the parameters of the PLC system according to the product specifications and production requirements. Set the cycle time, vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, feeding speed, etc.
– Place the pallets on the pallet feeder and load the materials into the hopper. Press the start button to start the production cycle. The machine will automatically feed the materials, vibrate, press, mold and eject the products onto the pallets.
– After each production cycle, clean the mold box and the mold surface with a brush or an air gun. Remove any debris or excess materials from the machine. Lubricate the moving parts regularly to reduce friction and wear.
– If any abnormal situation or fault occurs during the operation, stop the machine immediately and check the cause. Refer to the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine is a smart choice for investors who want to produce high-quality and high-demand concrete products. It has many advantages over other types of brick machines in terms of performance, quality and efficiency. If you are interested in QT12-15 hydraulic brick machine or other brick machines, please feel free to contact us for more information. We will provide you with professional service and technical support.


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