200000m3/year Brick Production Line

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If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for producing high-quality bricks, you might want to consider a 200000m3/year brick production line. This is a fully automated and environmentally friendly system that can produce different types of bricks, such as hollow bricks, solid bricks, interlocking bricks, paving bricks, etc.

A 200000m3/year brick production line consists of several main components, such as:

– A raw material preparation system that can handle various kinds of raw materials, such as clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, etc. The system includes a crusher, a mixer, a feeder, and a conveyor belt.
– A brick forming system that can shape the raw materials into bricks of various sizes and shapes. The system includes a brick machine, a mold, a palletizer, and a stacker.
– A drying system that can remove the moisture from the bricks and improve their strength and durability. The system includes a tunnel dryer, a kiln car, and a fan.
– A firing system that can heat the bricks to high temperatures and give them their final properties and appearance. The system includes a tunnel kiln, a burner, and a cooling zone.
– A packaging system that can pack the finished bricks into bundles or pallets for easy transportation and storage. The system includes a wrapping machine, a strapping machine, and a forklift.

A 200000m3/year brick production line can offer many benefits for your business, such as:

– High efficiency and productivity. The system can produce up to 200000 cubic meters of bricks per year, which means about 50000 standard bricks per hour or 833 bricks per minute.
– Low energy consumption and emissions. The system uses advanced technology and equipment to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of the brick making process. For example, the tunnel kiln can save up to 30% of energy compared to traditional kilns, and the burner can use natural gas or biogas as fuel instead of coal or oil.
– High quality and variety of products. The system can produce bricks with uniform size, shape, color, and texture, which meet the national standards and customer requirements. The system can also produce different types of bricks according to different market demands and applications.
– Easy operation and maintenance. The system is fully automated and controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller), which makes the operation simple and convenient. The system also has a self-diagnosis function and an alarm system, which can detect and solve any problems in time.
– Long service life and low cost. The system is made of durable and wear-resistant materials, such as steel, cast iron, alloy, etc., which can ensure the long service life and low maintenance cost of the system.

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