QTJ4-40 Block Machine

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QTJ4-40 block machine is a kind of semi-automatic type based on the original medium and small-scale block machine by us. It adopts four-lead, channel steel stander making the equipment more firm and the mould and the squeeze head Orentation more precise and bed mould orientation vertical vibration and upper mould compression vibration, which improves the efficiency greatly and manufactures blocks with more average density and higher strength.

The advantages of QTJ4-40 block machine are as follows:

1. Low cost of the bricks: compared with the hydraulic clay brick making machine, the machine makes bricks with fly ash, slag, construction rubbish and industrial waste. The raw materials of the bricks have the features of wide range of sources, and most of them are waste for other industries. The machine reuses the waste to produce the bricks, which reduces the cost of production and saves the occupied area of the land.

2. Easy operation: the machine does not need professional training, and just one worker can operate it after reading the manual. The machine is equipped with electric control cabinet, which can realize automatic and manual operation.

3. High efficiency: the machine can produce 4 blocks in one time, and the shaping cycle is only 40 seconds. The production capacity is about 2000-3000 blocks per day.

4. Wide application: the machine can produce different types of blocks by changing different moulds, such as hollow blocks, solid blocks, paver blocks, curbstone blocks, etc


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